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Mexico food and travel

"The chef Lu is one of the most active ambassadors of Michoacan cuisine. His charisma and simplicity it shows in every dish where gracefully takes up the most traditional regional recipes to create contemporary versions. In the letter Lu, from breakfast until dinner, are a unique educational path. Impossible to miss michoacano tasting mezcal with Cotija cheese tasting DO three different vintages. "


SAVEUR "When I was last in Morelia, That stately city in Michoacán, Mexico, a friend Told me I could not leave without eating at Restaurante LU in the historic center. Placeras Take her enchiladas, one of Michoacán's favorite street foods. A jewel of a dish, yet it still conjures fond memory of every street food stalls. " -Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, Chicago

Bleu & Blanc

BLEU & BLANC "Lu is already a culinary landmark visit your restaurant and be surprised by its interpretation of the traditional cuisine of Michoacán is a must for this season is inspired by a food item that is in the rescue... Cotija cheese"
Their tasting menu Cotija Cheese, heritage and tradition is recommended.

Lonely Planet

LONELY PLANET "In just five years, this site has become one of the best to sample the cuisine and contemporary classic cuisine of Michoacán"

Travel + Leisure

Michoacan to the plate.

"In every corner of the restaurant Lu Cocina Michoacana is a land forged in his own story. It looks, smells and tastes Michoacan. We visited Lucero Soto, the head of this local treasure."

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