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Hotel Casino Morelia



Hotel Casino Morelia offers 42 traditional style rooms with cozy spaces and stylish touches. Plus, some of our Morelia accommodations feature balcony with views of the Cathedral.

LU Restaurant

LU Cocina Michoacana is one of the best restaurants in Morelia, Mexico, ideal for diners who are passionate about food and enjoy casual cuisine amidst a relaxed atmosphere.


Our Boutique Gallery with Pineda Covalin designs holds testimonies of history and tradition, all expressed in trendy pieces, scarves, ties, necklaces and more beautiful and colorful articles.



I’d like to acknowledge LU Restaurant in the city of Morelia as one of the best gastronomic proposals in this beautiful city. It is important to highlight the rescue efforts it shows in its range of high-quality dishes, which involve perfect recipes of the Michoacan gastronomy; one can enjoy the best Morelian enchiladas placeras, a big variety of salsas from the Tarascan Plateau as well as fishes or steaks expressed with authenticity and respect for the supplies from Morelia and the state of Michoacan.
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