Our gastronomically social work is focused in look for a local flavor, the best product and the Michoacan proud captured in every plate, additionally the investigation technique, innovation, that creates benefits to the whole regional productive chain, in order to pay a fair price and spreading the producers and the benefits of each one of them.

Projects which we contribute as members or ambassadors in.


Red tsiri


Is an initiative that works in order to conserve and value the maize originally from the basin of Patzcuaro and Zirahuen, at the Purepecha zone of the state.  Women and men work as a community so that heritage and food sovereignty keep strong, as a result we generate value chains.




Is a movement that has as main objective spread a sustainability message in fishery and aquaculture in Mexico as a result the aquatic population will be in a stable level furthermore seek to ensure the satisfaction according to the global demand of seafood for our future generations.

Denote your five senses while you are having a terrific gastronomic experience with taste of Michoacan. Taking advantage of season and recipes originally from the seven regions, everything harmonized between tradition and innovation, and this is what we are looking to achieve our sustainable culinary proposal.


#VinosLU.  Appraised since the grape is harvested until it arrives on your table, choosing labels that identify us and make us travel in each pairing.

#CoctelesLU.  We select the most tasty mezcal, charanda and rum, obviously original from Michoacan land. We mixed them with several local ingredients as a result a cocktail bar that offers you unique moments to share.

#IngredientesLU. Every year we select two ingredients to investigate and develop in seasonal plates which are presented on every change of menu, spring-summer and autumn-winter.

#HuertoLU.  Lavender, mint, spearmint, saint leaf and chaya, serve as main elements in our plates, in addition we help to preserve bees.

#LineaLU.  Caramelized Jamaica flower, Jamaica salt, Cotija cheese R.O, among other products to take up and show off the flavors of Michoacan.

#ArtesaníasLU.  Crafts are the reflect of stories and magic that lives in our people and our towns. Copper from Santa Clara, Wood from Paracho, Textiles from Zacan and Mud from Huancito, keep the legacy of Don Vasco de Quiroga alive on our table.

#PintoresLU.  Zalce, Oñate, Rocio Caballero, Marcela, walls covered by their work that gives moments of Michoacan life to appreciate.

#MundoLU.  We are equipped with solar panels to generate energy, and biodegradable disposable material.