Local Producers and Artisans


We buy, support and promote local producers who, with genuine love and respect for the land and its traditions, are proud of their past and committed with their future.


Michoacán, land of artists and artisans, and people who likes to eat and drink very well. The crafts reflect history and magic that lives in our people and our towns. At LU Cocina Michoacana, we love to show all facets that Michoacán represents for us and the magic of our local artisans is one of them.

List of Suppliers (Producers and Artisans)


Rosalba Morales



Citlali Gómez Lepe

+52 7151041387

Cotija cheese


+52 3519133554

Quiroga Ice Cream

Juan Carlos Cervantez

+52 4434776677

Ruana Cheese

Ana Lilia Figueroa Torres

+52 4432277556

Tisanas: Fruits-Tea

Gloria Sagrero

+52 4525176202

Red Tsiri

Nancy Rosita Rojas

+52 4341049840


Emilio Vyera

+52 4432028223

Ron & Whisky


+52 4433692541

La Brü Beer

Jorge Alfonso

+52 4433513562

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