Live up a great Michoacan gastronomic experience.


At LU Cocina Michoacana restaurant we look for natural products, taking account the origin of all the feedstock and the way to cook it, therefore you will delight your palate with the regional recepes.

Lucero Soto, proud of being Michoacan woman, reflect this feeling to each plate, like looking for in a game, to feel charmed from the sight unto the last bite.

An eatable touristic guide through Michoacan, a menu that evolves every six months.

From the local continental breakfast included in rate, at LU Restaurant we arrenge an incredible experience in all senses, wherein the bread recently baked at home is a wink to the closes towns, the "puerquitos" made of piloncillo, the "tamal canario" or the "mantecadas" prepared with lemon and chia, moreover the seasonal fruits which would be find at our favorites markets accompanied with coffee or chocolate, it's a completly awaking for the soul.

The consenting is enterly up to you when adding your experience the great variety of plates that we have. For Morelian people the favourites are the eggs "rancheros" style or our variety of chilaquiles.

Then comes the time where the day is completly splendorous, at midday, a blue corn handcrafted beer or relishing the mezcales makes you indulge a good talk or a moment where you know that it's your real moment.

The meal time take place in the middle of the communion locals and strangers by means of representative and regional Michoacan plates that count with our personal twist, where the ingredient balance becoming it healthy and tasty even some snacks of craving that you give now and then.

At sunset or dinner time, that is a big story the one invites you to do a moment to listen to the moving music sometimes exciting other times, mmm? Come along to "LU Cocina Michoacana" in order to discover it, you are going to love them. Accompaned by a refreshing cocktel or an aromatic cup of wine origined from Mexican terroirs either from Parras or Ensenada.

Venture yourself out to taste the seasonal menu where you would find the investigation in turn of the product and close your stay with gold brooch at Morelia Historic Downtown.

- Daily from 07:30 - 13:00 hr.
Lunch & Dinner
- Sunday to Thursday 13:00 - 22:00 hr.
- Friday and Saturday 13:00 - 23:00 hr

All the "LU Cocina Michoacana" team invites you to live a great experience!