Sustainability Commitment

We propose the following sustainability actions!

In rooms:

1. If you want to reuse towels, please hang them in the bathroom.

2. If you want to change sheets, place the indicator over the bed.

During your stay:

1. Buy to a producers, painters, artisans, artists, traditional cooks, go to the Experiences section and you will find how to contact those whom we work with.

2. Enjoy all spaces and attractions in Morelia. Tram, tour of legends, planetarium, zoo and take a walk by the beautiful streets around the city. Or at the front desk we have bicycles at your disposal.

3. Visit nearby communities and towns on tours. At front desk we can advise you with touristic, historical or ecotourism tours.

4. Let's respect local traditions and avoid littering.

"Travel, enjoy and value the present while preserving the future"

Think green

We seek to achieve a balance on sustainability with the use of energy and the waste reduction.


Sustainability in the local details

Michoacan, land of artists and artisans, and people who likes to eat and drink very well. The crafts reflect history and magic that lives in our people and our towns. At LU Cocina Michoacana, we love to show all facets that Michoacan represents for us and crafts and painting are part of them.


Lu Cocina Michoacana

Our gastronomically responsible social work seeks local flavors, the best products and Michoacan pride embodied in each dish, adding technical research, innovation, that generate benefits to the entire value chain and regional productivity, paying a fair price and promoting all producers and the benefits of each of them.

Members and ambassadors

Projects in which we participate as members and ambassadors.

Red Tsiri

It is a sustainability initiative that works for the conservation and appreciation of Michoacan corn, native to the Pátzcuaro and Zirahuén basin, at the Purepecha area of the state. Men and women work as a community so that food heritage and sovereignty will be strong and thus we generate value chains.


It is a sustainability movement that aims to spread a message about sustainability in fishery and the aquaculture production in Mexico, to maintain aquatic populations at a healthy level, and seeks to guaranteeing meeting the global demand for seafood to our future generations.

"Achieving to detonate your five senses by making you live a gastronomic experience with the flavors of Michoacan. Taking advantage of seasonal products and recipes from the 7 regions, all harmonizing between tradition and innovation, is what we seek to achieve our sustainable culinary proposal"

#WinesLU. Since the grape is harvested, until it reaches your glass, choosing labels that identify us and make us travel in each pairing.

#CocktailsLU. We select the tastiest mezcal, charanda and rum from the Michoacan land, we mix them with local ingredients resulting in a cocktail bar to share unique moments.

#IngredientsLU. Every year we choose 2 products to research and develop in seasonal dishes, which are reflected in each change of the Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter menu.

#KitchenGardenLU. Lavender, mint, peppermint, holy leaf and chaya serve as fundamental elements in our dishes and we help conserve bees.

#ProductsLU.Caramelized Jamaica flower, salt from Jamaica flower , Cotija R.O cheese, among other products to go and share the Michoacan flavors.

#HandicraftsLU. The crafts reflect stories and magic that lives in our people and our towns. Copper from Santa Clara, Wood from Paracho, Textiles from Zacán and Clay from Huancito, keep the legacy of Don Vasco de Quiroga alive on our tables.

#PaintersLU. Zalce, Oñate, Rocío Caballero, Marcela, walls covered by their works that provide moments of Michoacan lifestyle.

#WorldLU. We have solar panels to generate energy and biodegradable disposables.

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